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Unlock New Capabilities

NTT DATAs composable banking solution is designed to accelerate your modernization journey by leveraging pre-built components that can be tailored for your specific needs.


Platea leverages NTT DATA’s deep industry knowledge and technology assets to help clients deploy new solutions quickly.

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Platea, the Business Accelerator

Accelerate time to market by leveraging foundational functions that can be tailored for your needs to create new products and services.

Modernize legacy architecture by building capabilities that can work in parallel and integrate with the existing systems.

Reduce delivery risk by automatically aligning to leading practices, pre-tested framework.

Speed up Innovation: leveraging a cloud-native environment to rapidly prototype and pilot ideas.

Create your own partner ecosystem leveraging best-of-breed capabilities in key functional and technical areas.

Future Proof your technology with an open architecture to reduce vendor dependency and an integration lab for control of IT infrastructure.

Technical Expertise at its Core

Platea allows clients to reuse what has already been created by our teams and accelerate the innovation cycle instead of having to start from a blank page when building a new product / service.

Presentation Layer


Experience layer that is flexible and customisable and can be customized / white labelled. Enable new channels both internal or customer facing using the same set of APIs.

Business Logic Layer


Most commonly asked for functional modules pre-built and pre-tested as microservices that can be immediately customized and enhanced for the specific needs of your customer and market segments.

Partner Ecosystem

Partner Ecosystem

Carefully selected pre-integrated Fintech partners enabling industries leading capabilities including next generation cores that can be extended based on your preferences.  Accelerate time to market on incremental products / services, while maintaining control over how you orchestrate workflows across the  partner ecosystem

Innovation Layer

Innovation Lab

A cloud native platform for rapid development, enabling you to customize existing code, leverage microservices patterns, and embrace open technology. Accelerate your CI/CD and DevOps journey with scalable resources designed for seamless, collaborative innovation.

Data and Analytics

Data & Analytics

Leveraging cloud capabilities, to build data and insight use cases sing customer, product, transaction data including 3rd party data to improve offers, customer loyalty, and operations.

A Partner Ecosystem That Counts

Leverage our partner ecosystem to accelerate your new products and services. Tap into a wealth of expertise, technology solutions, and collaborative innovation, ensuring your offerings reach the market faster and more efficiently.

Transform your vision into reality with our integrated network of industry-leading partners. Take advantage of Platea’s pre-built functional modules and its core use cases that allow the acceleration, adaption and extension of each specific use cases required by our clients.


  • Next Generation Core Banking Systems
  • Origination & Credit Risk Management
  • Payments
  • Open Banking
  • Card Network
  • ID validation

…and many others. If you are thinking about use cases related to different areas or you have the necessity to integrate a specific partner, we have the flexibility to include them in the ecosystem.

Design your own partner eco-system, get the freedom to quickly combine and change solutions whenever you need to accelerate your modernisation journey.

Domain Functionality is complemented by third-parties as required by your specific business case

Partner Ecosystem

What is Composable Architecture?


Composable architecture represents a modular approach to building banking systems, where components can be easily added, removed, or replaced without disrupting the entire system.

By building with blocks, each piece serves a specific function and can be combined to create complex structures.

In the context of banking, composable architecture allows financial institutions to tailor their services, respond to new market demands quickly, and leverage cutting-edge technologies without the need for extensive overhaul or downtime.

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